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Microsoft introduces Cloud PBX, de telephone exchange in the cloud. Enterprise Voice functionality becomes available in Office 365. Microsoft now gives out telephone numbers and links dialing plans to the PBX in the Cloud, which makes a contract with a local telco obsolete. Cloud PBX has what it takes to become a mature telephony platform, but it's not just there yet.

Which features are available with Cloud PBX? And which important features are not yet available? Does Cloud PBX fit your organization and how do you prepare for the transition? In this whitepaper you read everything you need to know about Microsoft's Cloud PBX. as introduction you can also watch the short videos on Cloud PBX and the hybrid solution.

Working better, together!

Everyone in your organization available at any time, from any location. Whether it’s via e-mail, video conferencing, instant messaging or just a quick phone call. All of this not just from your workplace, but also remotely.

StartReady connects your entire organization efficiently via a single telecom hub. Let your people work from anywhere and have them do what's most important: communicate.

More than 100.000 users communicate daily with the StartReady Solutions for Lync and Skype for Business.


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Working better, together!


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