Skype for Business add-ons

Skype for Business is a versatile communications solution, but perhaps you require still more extensive functionality. You can get Skype for Business to connect to your existing telephony environment, add a contact center, or simplify management of the numbering plan: all examples of extra features you might need.

SIP Trunk

Calls with Skype for Business are processed through the Internet and via the fixed telephony network. By adding Skype for Business to your fixed telephony network, your phone, instant messaging, video and document sharing are integrated into your communication with the outside world. A link is required to call via the fixed telephony network. This can be done via a gateway for existing ISDN lines and via a SIP trunk. A SIP trunk is almost always less expensive than using the existing ISDN lines.

Contact Center

Your customer contact center is unlikely to manage the standard Skype for Business Deployment well. With the addition of specially designed contact center software, all analog system functions are also available in Skype for Business. The intelligent routing of incoming calls, setting up interactive voice response (IVR) or breaking into conversations, are examples of added features.


The number plan management within Skype for Business proves to already be difficult and time-consuming at 15 users. The PhoneManager for Skype for Business allows you to easily change and assign numbers, and instantly make a list of the numbers or ranges that are available. As an example, assigning phone numbers and bringing Central Call Forwarding are made much simpler. The PhoneManager provides a better and more efficient management of your number plans.