Mobile Presence: insight into colleagues’ availability

8 November 2018

Mobile Presence: insight into colleagues’ availability

A simple but very useful functionality within Skype for Business is presence. This is automatically set based on the user's Outlook calendar, but it can also be set manually. Thanks to presence, you can see at a glance whether someone is available for a (Skype) call or instant message.

A status that requires no further explanation is 'In a call'. This is shown when you are already conducting an audio or video call. It goes without saying that this is the case with Skype calls from PC to PC, but it also shows when you are calling fixed lines or mobile numbers via Skype for Business.


Integration Skype for Business and mobile network

Until now there was a clear limitation of the ‘In a call’ status, because we also call using our mobile phones. And it is not very convenient to receive a Skype for Business call simultaneously. Of course, you can turn on voicemail, but then a forwarded call might go directly to your voicemail. Fortunately, there is now a solution in the form of Mobile Presence.

The solution is as simple as the name suggests: if you are calling using your cell phone, Skype for Business will automatically display this as presence status. Thus, the standard Skype for Business presence information is enriched with the current mobile status. No additional application needs to be installed on the mobile device for this.


Exclusively for KPN Mobile customers

Mobile Presence is exclusively available to organizations with a Skype for Business platform managed by StartReady or KPN that also use KPN's mobile network. A link is established between the KPN network and your own hosted or on-premise Skype for Business platform. In fact, the mobile device is treated as a virtual Skype for Business client. This does not affect the further operation of the presence status nor the accessibility in Skype for Business.

The mobile network only reports to the Skype for Business platform whether you are 'free' or 'busy'. This also happens when you receive a call but do not answer it (yet). In some situations, your presence status will not change if your mobile status changes. This happens when your current Skype for Business status has a higher priority. It can be set per organization for which statuses this is the case. By default, these are 'Available' and 'Busy'.


This is how Mobile Presence works

For hosted Skype for Business customers, an extra server will be set up to receive the status messages from the mobile network. On-premises customers receive an extra server on which the software is installed or deliver a server themselves. Through the portal of KPN you set the users for which Mobile Presence must be activated. This can therefore be determined per person. Within the Active Directory of your organization, 'Mobile' must be filled in correctly for all relevant users to be able to send the mobile status to the Skype for Business platform.


More information about Mobile Presence

For more information about the price, technical requirements, management and use or integration with other KPN or StartReady services, please contact us via our or call contact form or call +31 88 894 68 68.

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