StartReady has set the bar for Microsoft partners

15 September 2016

StartReady has set the bar for Microsoft partners

Dutch Unified Communications expert StartReady has been named best practice partner at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. Troy Zaboukos – Worldwide Director of Skype Business Development – praised the company for its innovative energy and the fact that StartReady was one of the first partners to close a deal for implementing Cloud PBX. This makes StartReady a global example for other Microsoft partners.

StartReady is a pioneer in the field of Universal Communications solutions. The company is a Skype for Business specialist and is constantly looking for innovative implementation options. “StartReady brings a lot of enthusiasm to this market,” said Zaboukos. One of the examples he mentioned on stage was the Champions program, in which 35 salesmen from KPN took a masterclass to learn more about Skype for Business. Thanks to this investment, KPN realized a large part of the group sales for the first six months of this calendar year. “That is not only good for StartReady, but also for KPN,” said Zaboukos, “In this way they create real added value with the partnership.”

Serious gaming with Finding Victor

Zaboukos also mentioned ‘Finding Victor’, the serious game that will be released by StartReady in the near future. This game helps business users to get familiar with the features of Skype for Business in a low-key manner. According to Zaboukos, this approach fixes a well-known Microsoft problem. Without paying proper attention to the adoption process, people will not be aware of all the possibilities a product has to offer: “If you know anything about Microsoft products, you know that a lot of people use them – but they only use a limited amount of the features. This game gives them the ability to learn more about the product in the context of their working environment. It is enormously innovative.”

Global first

The innovative way in which StartReady helps companies switch over to the Cloud was praised by Zaboukos: “They don’t just talk about the future, they also work really hard on it.” Thanks to the recent agreement with network organization TBI, StartReady has even become a global forerunner in this field. The company will set up a hybrid Skype for Business solution for over 6000 TBI users: hosted Skype for Business, combined with the Cloud PBX. Since part of the business features will not yet be available in the Cloud PBX, some users will stay in the hosted environment for now. Users that only need part of the features will be migrated directly to the Cloud. By the time all features become available, the rest of the users will be migrated to the Cloud PBX as well. Thanks to this clever solution, TBI is already profiting from simplified management and maintenance, uniformity, and cost savings. 

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